We have a wide variety of roles at Dunedin City Council for an equally wide range of skills and experience ranging from school leaver entry, trainees, graduates, postgraduates and professionally qualified. We have managers, inspectors, officers, curators, team leaders, analysts, architects, cleaners, designers, instructors, engineers, co-ordinators, archivists, planners, technicians, secretaries, receptionists, executives, help desk operators, coaches, supervisors, research assistants, lifeguards, and much more across a wide range of services.

Our services include:

  • Parks, Recreation and Aquatics,
  • Building Services,
  • Animal Services,
  • Administration,
  • Environmental Health,
  • Parking,
  • Arts and Culture encompassing Dunedin Public Gallery, Library Services, Chinese Gardens and Toitu Museum.

We also have various roles across traditional functions such as Finance, Communications and Marketing, Human Resources and Business Information Services. Within services such as Transportation and Water and Waste, we have engineering and technician roles including traffic, maintenance, contract and process operations engineers and wastewater plant and water network technicians.

Our Community and Planning service has roles across city development, corporate policy and events and community development. These include planners, designers, advisors, analysts and administrators. Our list is not exhaustive; our roles are constantly evolving and developing to ensure Dunedin City Council delivers effective services to the community.

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Search and apply for   our jobs

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